Question about rtg displaying graphics

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Question about rtg displaying graphics

Postby A500 » 14. January 2018, 01:35

Heydraw t
I saw a tutorial about displaying rtg graphics like an example down below:

XINCLUDE "dbl_display.include.ab3"

succ.l = image_load {2, gfxpath.s+"glass_big", $FF00FF,20}: imagemidhandle{2}

and so on.

I understand there is no video tutorial or excellent book I can read to get me to understand the dbl_display.include.ab3 and I am in my own to learn from these example source codes. Which I am ok with. The reason i am posting here is this. If I want to draw a picture of a hero animated in four direction, a wall of four different sides and a gem and that is that, can I just draw them in normal png with 32 x 32 as each side and that is about it or can I draw them in a sheet and just extract them from a sheet? If I can get it from a single sheet is there a tutorial to show me how to do this in rtg mode (not custom chipset) or is there a tutorial in how to load single sprite by sprite of size 32 x 32 from separate file? thanks.
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Re: Question about rtg displaying graphics

Postby HelmutH » 17. January 2018, 17:20

Hey A500
Great that you do something with AmiBlitz³.
Unfortunately, I can not help you with your question, because I understand too little of AmiBlitz.
Unfortunately it is also the case that Thilo (The Wanderer), (Blackbird) and also all those who took care of the further development, do not report any more here. Also write on multiple direct, no one reports more of those. Too bad that nobody thinks it necessary to write here exactly what is going on. I see the AmiBlitz project as death, so I can only advise you to look for another programming language to continue building your project. A good would be there Hollywood, with which you can create versions for all operating systems.

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Gruß Helmut
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Re: Question about rtg displaying graphics

Postby asrael » 18. January 2018, 08:57

Or just use BlitzBasic.

There is a forum section at eab where you might still get help as there are still a lot of BlitzBasic/AmiBlitz developers out there:

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