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AmiBlitz3.6 upload - Der Wanderer - 12.10.2013

I have uploaded the latest snapshot as Amiblitz3.6.
I recompiled the compiler, PED and debugger.

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There are still some known bugs we should iron out. Lets discuss on this thread in this forum!

Re: AmiBlitz3.6 upload - tolkien - 13.10.2013

Thanks! I have downloaded it for my morphos machine. Seems more stable but I need time to test.

Re: AmiBlitz3.6 upload - Blackbird - 13.10.2013

3.6 ???

The aktual Svn version is 3.5. Why the higher Version for the Distro ?

Re: AmiBlitz3.6 upload - Der Wanderer - 13.10.2013

I raised the Version number for the distro compile but didnt check this in yet. Dont worry, SVN is the most recent code except the version number. sorry for the confusion.

Re: AmiBlitz3.6 upload - Blackbird - 13.10.2013

Ah ok, Thanks for clarification

Re: AmiBlitz3.6 upload - tomsmart1 - 07.07.2014

Upload a snapshot from R462 as Amiblitz3.6.1.lha.