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Network support...
Daedalus schrieb:There is, though the documentation isn't all that great. Check out bsdsocket.include.ab3 in the Sourcecodes/Includes drawer. It includes functions to let your program use bsdsocket.library, and a simple demo program is built in.

Edit: Regarding Blitz 2, well, nope, there isn't network support in Blitz 2, but it might be possible to use the AB3 include with BB2 with some modifications. I've done this with other includes when I needed to use Blitz 2 but wanted the convenience of the AB3 includes.

Thank you soo much, so much, so much for answering my question. I have one final question to ask and I want to thank you in advance for taking your time in answering it Big Grin How do I do it? How do I take the AB3 include from amiblitz 3 and put it with BB2 and what sort of modifications I need to make it work? Can you please help me on this?

I just need full network support AB3 feature as my intention is to be making games with network/online game support. The first game I want to make with online support is tic tac toe. You select network in the opens a new screen with available hosted servers, and each server either have 0/2 or 1/2 or 2/2 where 0/2 where there is no one playing that server, 1/2 one joined the server and waiting for another person to join to play against and 2/2 two people are playing live on this server and you need to wait until one leaves the server before you can join against that opponent. In the the game you will be chatting live with the opposing team in an online game tic tac toe.

So this is what I need in the library available for my blitz basic 2 project. Another thing if I am stuck in getting the network feature implemented, would you guys be able to help me on this?

I REALLY NEED to implement this feature.

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