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AmiBlitz v3.8 - hackball - 12.09.2020

... ist erschienen.
  • improved compatibility ALOT with Kick1.2/1.3 and MC68000-processor of generated code

  • updated several libs to work with different Kickstart-versions and processors (does autoswitch code branches internally)

  • improved compatibility with Workbench 2.1 (or 2.04 with locale.library) of IDE

  • added new feature: line numbers (by request of Fabrizio Radica)

  • changed design of welcome-requester to fit on screens with lower resolutions

  • updated some autodocs

  • added last available sourcecode for NeilCIATrackerlib

  • added ptplayerlib (libnum #48, thanks to Phx/MickGyver)

  • updated some icon positions and moved some files around