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MorphOS ab3
Hello mates.
I wanted to start an amiblitz thing under an almost clean morphos 3.9 machine(powerbook g4) but I have a few problems.
Compiling time is no really fast compared to bb2.1 in my 1260.
And freeze and crash a lot.I think that without debugger it goes better.
My question is. How can I help to debug ab3 to make it better in morphos?

Probably the code your are compiling is much larger? Same code should be faster on Amiblitz3.

How can you help? You can try to locate the bug by reporting the 68k address where it crashes. Not sure if someone here has a MOS system to verify, this is always problematic.
Hi. I understand that it is a complex question. I have tried to catch some logs with the morphos internal debugger but the system freeze with the lost of the log.
Will have to mount a serial debug system but not possible now.

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