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Evaluation questions

I'm working on a house project in the near future and would like to utilize my Amigas for that.
The software project will likely have a GUI. It needs serial and socket communication.
So instead of using C I'm looking for alternatives and AmiBlitz seems a perfect fit. As far as I have seen it supports the requirements.

The development platform will likely be a fs-uae hosted AmigaOS 3.9 as well as on a real Amiga 1200 hardware. Most probably with an accelerator card and some more RAM.
I didn't see if the ACA 1221 has an FPU but I think not since it's only an overclocked 68020.
I've read in another thread that AmiBlitz 3 requires an FPU to run?
Also, depending on my mood Smile I could also use MorphOS for development.
What would be the best version and AmiBlitz target version to use? I've seen there is bb2, ab2 and ab3?
Is it possible to use AmiBlitz 3 on MorphOS and uae for development and still keep target compatibility with 68020?


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