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I have problem blitting sprites
I am frustrated to no avail. I guess it is very hard to use sprite sheet to plot into the game so I am going to back to my computer and split each sprite as a sprite file one by one then plot them as LoadShape instead of loadbitmap. Because I am unable to get the colors working correctly and on top of that I am unable to plot a single sprite from the sprite sheet.

I am no expert in blitz basic to figure out how to plot a single sprite from the sprite sheet and in 2014 there is no demo or sourcecode that does it. Amazing.

So I am giving up in this approach and doing something is really frustrating and time consuming figuring out how to plot a single sprite in a screen instead of focusing already on the engine of the game and developing it.

But that also means another wasted CD to get the file transferred from PC to Amiga and this I will do as I have no other choice on this matter I guess.

Will getashape is doing nothing. Not only is it blitting the entire sprite sheet it is still jibberish and the colors are wrong and everything on the screen is wrong like the screenshot I send you. I will send you the robotstrip.iff myself and will write the entire code for you here. This way you can run the code from your end and see what I am facing:

   BitMap 0, 320, 200, 8
   BitMap 1, 320, 200, 8
   BitMap 2, 320, 200, 8

   LoadBitMap 0
   LoadPalette 0

   AutoCookie On

   Buffer 0, 2*16384: Buffer 1,2*16384
   InitCopList 0, $10038
   DisplayPalette 0,0
   CreateDisplay 0

     DisplayBitMap 0,0
     GetaShape 0,0,0,32,32
     BlitMode CookieMode
     MakeCookie 0

     UnBuffer db
     Use BitMap db
     BBlit db, 0,0,0, On
Until Joyb(0)=1
Free DisplayBitMap 0
Free DisplayPalette 0
Free BitMap 0

I have attached the image file..check it out in your end...please Sad I am so sorry! It would not allow me to attach the file. It refuses to attach .iff at all and if I rename it, it is smart enough to figure out that it is an iff.

But I managed to compress it as .rar. Please download the file and check it out for me!? Please try the code for me!!

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