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AmySequencer - MIDI- und Sample-Sequenzer
26.09.2020 AmySequencer V0.52 beta

Stefano Maria Regattin hat hier einen noch nicht voll funktionsfähigen MIDI- und Sample-Sequenzer erstellt.
Der in Textformat umgewandelte Quellcode dieses Programms läst sich mit Blitz2 (Blitz Basic 2) oder auch
AmiBlitz2 oder besser AmiBlitz3, selbst modifizieren.
Mit AmiBlitz2 läuft das Ganze nur mit einem mathematischen Koprozessor (FPU).
Mehr informationen findet Ihr unter dem Titellink.
Gruß Helmut
09.11.2023 AmySequencer V0.53 beta 

Stefano Maria Regattin hat eine neue Version seines AmySequencer im Aminet veröffentlicht.
Was genau in dieser Version geändert wurde, konnte ich der readme nicht entnehmen.

Aber vielleicht kann da ja jemand der hier mit liest was zu ergänzen. 
Gruß Helmut
(04.12.2023, 20:04)HelmutH schrieb: 09.11.2023 AmySequencer V0.53 beta 

Stefano Maria Regattin hat eine neue Version seines AmySequencer im Aminet veröffentlicht.
Was genau in dieser Version geändert wurde, konnte ich der readme nicht entnehmen.

Aber vielleicht kann da ja jemand der hier mit liest was zu ergänzen. 

Es beginnt mit " The reason of this upload is "

und geht lange bis zur italienischen Übersetzung, wirklich viele Sachen sind geändert!
Danke hackball für den Hinweis.

Ich habe da gerade nochmal reingeschaut und gesehen wieviel Stefano da geändert hat.
Das ist echt viel. 

Hier ist das Ganze erstmal in englisch:
Now the sequence sizes are reduced, they are so big as before no more!
There was an error into the events time conversion of the loaded MIDI
files, but the loading is still wrong however!
Correpted the bars values into the sequences editor; before a value of
one eighth as misure crashes the sequences editor; instead now the
values of one
eighth or less are handled correctly.
I have noticed that there was a problem with the loaded MIDI files
into the menu; I have solved it positioning correctly the program
start procedures.
Now, thanking Michael Clarke that have e-mailed me about the data kind
of "all notes off", I have a clever idea of this; so now all should
go fine!
Now each line in the main window is no more a sequence, it is a track:
this can have one or more sequences; at the moment the editing of a
sequence is a little unfriendly, this means that you will never
allowed to leave empty space trails after the last sequence, so the
only way to add a sequence at the end of the last one is to create a
bridge sequence that exceeds the end of the last sequence; this is
not a bug, it is my choice.
Now are taken in count only the existing sequence, no more all the
sequences; this results in a general speed increment; I have fixed
general problems created by this new sequences management.
Now the bars counting into the sequence editor should be correct, also
with tempo change.
Removed two bugs bars counting related.
Removed a bug of the non note events displacement.
Removed a typing error that not allows the show of the value of the
dragged event.
Removed a bug that vanified the drag and drop of the selected events.
There was a wrong pitchbend events displacement; now the problem is
almost fixed.
For a typing error the SHOW DRAGGED EVENT VALUE sequence editor menu
option could not be activated; now the problem is solved.
Now the BPM events are correctly managed.
Now the AMIGA sounds management is a bit unfriendly but it is more
Now you can select a sound and free its channel if all the channel are
Now the AMIGA sounds management is great!
Now I have moved the action buttons for the selection of the musical
events All, None and Toggle as voices in the EDIT menu; in this one I
have added the voices Cut, Copy, Paste, Forget and Goto, that are
fully working.
I have removed a bug in the musical event selection by mouse, now all
should goes fine.
There were some mistakes in the musical events displacement; now all
is OK.
Now you can load any kind of MIDI file; the saving is not enabled yet
but you can add this by yourself compiling the source code with
Blitz2, AmiBlitz2 or AmiBlitz3.
I have corrected the ticks per sixtyfourth note of AmySequencer and of
the loaded MIDI file being both the related ticks per quarter note
divided by sixteen; also now if you load a MIDI file till the end its
name is rememberedas a voice into the first menu of the main window:
you can reload the signed MIDI file by selecting its name.
Now the version of the executable is correctly displaced, thanking all
the people on the Blitz list that have answered me for this problem;
there was another problem of the note duration when loaded from a
MIDI file: now the note duration is no more fixed to two ticks, but
the notes are not correctly converted yet.
Now the notes are correctly loaded but are attached each other; I do
not know why the rests are not token in count; I hope with the next
release of the archive it will be fixed.
It was impossible to play the musical events from the related voices
in the main and the sequence editor windows; now the problem should
be solved.
There were several errors in the musical event selection routine; now
it seems that all goes fine.
I have changed the colours for the longest musical event displacement
to distinguish it from the Alone button.
I have improved the sequences selection and deletion routines: it
seems that all goes fine now!
Now the sequences management is great!
Now it is possible to play AMIGA sounds and MIDI note together;
previously this had strange effects.
Now the pasting of the copied events is applied to the events channels
Now if you load a MIDI file you see the numbers of the events and of
the sequence used.
Now the tempo changes typed by the user are correctly evaluated.
Now the sequences displacement is fast and correct.
Removed a bug from modification that vanified the rests insertion by
Now the alone selection for events or for channels has effect while
playing or recording.
Removed a bug from the tempo events management that crashed the AMIGA;
now the tempo events should not give problems and should be evaluated
Now the Original Colours menu voice status is preserved.
Now the zoom buttons (+-) are visible if you choose the original
colours also.
Now tbe main menu is not modified if you abort the loading of a MIDI
Now the playing and the selection routine are fine, thanking Peace
Now the program flushes all the unused event: I don't really know yet
if this is an improvement or a bug!
Now the dragged event mouse position is correctly bounded.
Now the basic event length variation is correctly managed.
Now the highlight of some events during the playing from the sequencer
editor should have strange effects no more.
There was a mistake made by me into the Standard MIDI File (SMF)
loading procedure that gives no errors.
Now the pasting of the cutted and copied events should be performed
Now the control change event values are played correctly and it is
possible to
change the slider values by clicking by side of the cursors by the
left mouse button.
Now it is possible to select musical events by creating an area
holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse; you must
enable or disable this feature pressing the A key in the sequence
Now the non note event lower limit is correcly handled.
Now the musical event dragged by mouse is correctly updated, so now
you should listen at end to the note at its new position, not to its
old one.
Now the main window slider shold change their value responding
correctly to the mouse action.
Now the mouse status is reported in the sequence editor window title.
Corrected the typing error in the first help requester for the
sequence editor.
Now the end of the rightmost sequence is visible again, with loaded
Standard MIDI files also.
I have added the NuovaPosizioneEventoMusicale variable wishing to
erase the bug for the erroneous loaded MIDI file musical events time
placement, but I was wrong.
I have performed some graphics changes and I have started the english
and Blitz2 conversion of my proggy SamplesMaster that I have made by
AMOSPro and that is in italian to be included into the AMIGA sounds
Now the Standard MIDI File loading procedure should not enter into an
endlessloop if the END-OF-TRACK-CHUNK marker is missing.
Now the bars counting for the sequence editor is great, thanking my
Now the AMIGA sound frequency retrieve in the sound editor should be
Now the archive is filled of the needed files, I have removed the
unused ones.
Now the base musical event requesters have more than two options.
Removed the AMIGA speech use; reactivated the STOP menu voice.
Corrected the year where reported to be the current instead of the
previous one.
Now the program correctly responds immediately to user action!
Performed several improvement to the program, the major part in the
AMIGA sounds editor; I have changed the backdrop that are two, one
for the NTSC AMIGAs and one for the PAL AMIGAs; I have adapted the
program to the new backdrop colours.
Now the sound saving is fully functional and bug free!
The position of dragged events is correct at left also, that is a
negative value.
I have changed two backdrop images, one for the PAL AMIGAs and one
for the NTSC AMIGAs; I think these are poor but better than before; I
have improved the sound marker lines management.
I have corrected the sound editor uncoded sound saving error; I have
changed the colour of the sound editor saving message texts from red
to cyan.
I have changed the colour of the sound frequency displacement from
light grey to dark cyan and now the sound zoom area displaces
correctly the minimum distance between the purple marker lines.
I have removed a minor bug of the MIDI channel selection buttons
displacement and I have changed the two backdrop pixes.
I have improved at the most of my possibilities the bar counting into
the sequence editor.
Now you can cut and save your AMIGA samples; cleaned part of the code
and of the graphics!
Corrected some wrong things and added some new.
Now the mouse area note selection should work greatly; now the
sequence editor selection zone are no more overwritten if you enter
the sound editor.
Corrected several errors and performed some improvements; added the
highlighting of the musical events alike the current selected event.
Corrected some wrong things; now the highlighting is no more
Now the sound loaded in the sound editor will change by the user
action, so the changement can be listened on every time!
Now if there is no sound loaded into the sound editor it will appear
the request panel to inform to load it.
The code conversion has brought a complete cleaning of the MIDI file
loading procedure that now does not give error as before at first;
however do not enable the debugger before compilation!
Now the whole sample loaded into the sound editor can be centered
around zero; this is so called direct current offset remotion.
Now is possible to load and save raw samples, and also the sample
frequency change is saved if the sound is a standard AMIGA sound.
I have created a custom zone management so now all the buttons should
work fine!
I have correpted a typing error that did vanify the sequence editor
selection area; now it should be back; I have solved the sound name
and path saving messages problem and the custom requester buttons
management; I have correpted the message spaces count into the event
value editor and I have fixed the windows font also.
I have failed to solve the wrong notes loading, but I have noticed a
TICKS PER QUARTER NOTE value sets to zero into the Bars&Pipes loaded
MIDI files; I have correpted this strange thing and I have correpted
the loaded motifes menu displacement at start.
Due the optimization of the sequence editor bars counting the eighth
and smaller values are handled correcty now!
Several improvements performed.
I have enclosed into the archive the source extra file
(AmySequencer.bb2.xtra) that handles the AmySequencer development
environment: this because before to compile the source code by Blitz
or AmiBlitz, you must disable the errors checking to allow the
command SetPeriod to work and you must set the sound objects maximum
to 33 sounds and the gadget lists to 6; if you don't want to do
so, here is this extra data file supplied for you.
There are two known bugs: the first is that if you press the Esc key
while the program is playing, it show to you an error requester and
then it stops drammatically!
The second is that with the loading of several MIDI files the program
does not recognize the end of the file and enters into a reading
endless loop, forcing the user to reboot the AMIGA!
Now the sequences are smaller and I have correpted a loaded MIDI file
time conversion error, but this still remains a problem however.
Performed some general visible improvements.
Now the adf is better and autobooting.
Bug reports and suggestions are welcome!
I am not responsible of any damage this program can occurs to your
system; you use it at your own risk!
Gruß Helmut

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