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Unable to display text...
This game is going to be 100% pure open source because it is my first attempt completely in writing this project and it is all about learning process 100%. Also I could learn in reusing the codes and be more efficient and better in my coding style.

Anyways, here is the actual .exe for the game so that you can see how far I went with it. I fixed the bug where it is seeking an absolute you can just run it in any location in your computer as long as the file in the same directory as the game itself.

I know there are lots more bugs and the game is far from finished, but I just wanted to show you how far I reached so far...ones I fix all these bugs, get the collision detection working 100% and be happy with my work...I will work in screen scrolling so I can have a hug level with mazes on them. Again this game have zero AI on it 100% is just you..the robot vs the magnet and how much fuel to accomplish your task.

I am going to be a man of my word and will put your name on the credit for all the help you have given me and being so patient with me....I promise this is a learning experience that I will keep myself and make more games without asking you for help.
You should make it more comfortable like

[ab3]Statement gfxprint {x.w,y.w,text.s}
For n.w=0 To FLen(text)-1
Scroll (Peek.b(&text+n)-32)*#FONT_WIDTH,0,#FONT_WIDTH,#FONT_HEIGHT,x,y,#BITMAP_FONT
End Statement
You Bitmap would look like this then:
#FONT_WIDTH would be the width of each character (fix font)
Thanks...Big Grin Just to gives you a heads up there is a bug in your statement code...I am not so sure where the x+#FONT_WIDTH comes at and you seem to have commented the rest of the code.
I discovered certain problem with this that causes an issue with me. First problem arises is as follows:

1) In order to loadbitmap it needs bitmap initialized since I am using a different bitmap I cannot say LoadBitmap 0 sprite sheet and again loadbitmap 0 font. So I need to have loadbitmap 1 font and loadbitmap 0 spritesheet. When I do that it requires bitmap initialized. When I do that initialization for some reason it replaces my robotsheet.iff graphics on the game with the fonts letters instead. That is one problem.

2) Second problem arises when I use your function it says can only do this in Amiga mode. Will, since I am in blitz mode there is no way I will be able to print out the fonts or the graphical fonts in blitz mode so I have an issue, especially since the title screen I have requires the animated box border around the letter and I am in trouble. Either I have black screen with font or no pictures around the font.

So this method will not work with me at all.
1) you need to be careful with the object numbers. if you do it correct, it will work, dont worry. you can also re-use a bitmap by re-initialization, but then it will be replaced of course.

2) you need to move the statement definition AFTER the BLITZ directive I guess.

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