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I have problem blitting sprites
You are right there. I might as will make it into data sequence in the game itself and not even in the file..but inside the code itself.

It will be like this

Data -1,-1,-1,-1,16, etc

Where 16 is the teleporter or 8 is the wall, etc

then read them all up into set of array called Level(x). Where each index holds those sequence of -1,-1,-1,-1,16...etc and then simply loop through that to display the level accordingly. When the person finishes the level it counters the next Level(0) to Level(1) etc...until the level is finished. I might as will do it that way and have it all into one .exe.
I am still having problem displaying text when I am using bitmapoutput lol...but here is a simple demo of the title screen. Inside the title screen will be colorful fonts with the title name and who programmed it, then right underneath that will be the menu system where you can pick and choose your options:

1) Play Game
2) Password
3) Quit Game

So you have just seeing a bit of the title screen, ones I can get the text appearing for some reason into the screen.

By the way, can you change the color and size of your fonts in AmiBlitz? Is there a demo for that?
There are many demos if you consult the internet.

What you are looking for are "BlitzFonts", check the internal docu for that (type any command related to BlitzFont, e.g. "LoadBlitzFont", and hit SHIFT+HELP while cursor is over it). They are very limited however (8x8 only). What programmers usually do is to paint their own font and write their own font printing routine.
E.g. I did this in Squirm: [Bild: _Squirm.png]

PS: You exe doesnt find the spritesheet. I copied "robotstrip.iff" into the same folder but still doesnt find it.
Some hints:
- if you use external files, make them relative to the exectuable, no absolute paths
- you may bundle the files with the executable with "IncBin" and then do DecodeBitmap or DecodeShapes.

What I did in toadies was, whenever the exe could find the spritesheet, it would load it as a bitmap and cut the shapes out, and then re-save the shapes as a seperate file (SaveShapes). if there is no spritesheet, it would load the Shapes (LoadShapes) instead. You can also "IncBin" the Shapes file.

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